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Hacked “Locket” App


A few guys seem to have came up with a hacked version of “Locket” the popular android pay-per-unlock app. How it works? You sign up and register with the app don’t worry its free once that is complete you will see ads on your phones lock screen when you unlock your device you get paid. Its usually just a few cents but somehow someone has figured out a way to get  the app to to register each swipe for around $16 which is a crazy but explains the screenshot of the $929.21 balance, the cash out minimum is $10 via your PayPal account. Since I own a blackberry I haven’t tested it out yet but I have heard promising results. The app is still in beta so no telling when the developer will catch the flaw and patch it but until then if your a android user you can give it a go with the download link below enjoy be sure to leave feedback!



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